Thanks for your interest in Memorial Advanced Surgery. We offer bariatric seminars both at Memorial Hospital and online to teach you about the different bariatric procedures we offer, the surgeons that perform them, and the risks that come with surgery. View our online bariatric seminar below.

Before you can see one of our surgeons, you must view the video below and also fill out the follow-up form at the bottom of this page.

After you watch the video, you will have a good sense of what our weight loss program has to offer. For more details on each specific procedure please review our Bariatric Procedures PDF document. If you have any questions, please call (904) 399-5678.

We are excited to be a part of your weight-loss journey!

To complete the process, please complete the form below and review the Welcome to our Program Seminar PDF Packet. Once your form is received a member from our team will contact you to discuss your next steps.

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